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In 2018 Artscape the 1500-1700 blocks of Charles Street will be treated as an experiment in "culturally complete streets". Artists and residents are invited to collaborate within the realms of tactical urbanism and creative place-making to create a walkable creative corridor adorned with diverse artwork, public furniture, parklets and play sculpture and more.

  • "Complete Streets" is transportation policy and design requiring streets to be planned, designed and maintained to provide access for users of all ages, abilities, and modes of transportation.  Artists and residents are invited to use the pedestrian nature of Artscape to imagine what creative complete streets look like in their own community.
  • Tactical Urbanism is a term describing D.I.Y. and low-cost temporary changes intended to improve neighborhoods and gathering places. We welcome community organizers, residents, and artists to use Artscape as a place to experiment with tactical urbanism projects that can be relocated or recreated in neighborhoods across Baltimore.
  • Creative Placemaking is an often used term process and philosophy describing multi-faceted approaches to planning, design, and public space organizing. Good placemaking should look for direction, inspiration, and potential locally to intentionally serve the community where it is located.  City planners, non-profits and design studios often engage local residents in creative placemaking to improve public space. We encourage all of o these groups to participate in artspace as a laboratory and expo to demonstrate new projects to try new ideas within the unique environment of Artscape. 
These approaches and philosophies are inspiring, sometimes elitest, and often overused, but they are all grounded in the notion of putting people first when planning public space. We encourage anyone interested in reading more to look through the numerous free reports and guides published online. 

To ensure inclusivity Charles Street creative projects will be guided by a volunteer advisory group engaged in real-world safe and complete streets advocacy.

Collaborations and experimentation by creatives and residents at all levels are encouraged. 

Budgets may range from $400-$10,000. applicants should use the Budget Template to describe their estimated expenses.
  • Any projects asking for more than $10,000 should make clear the impact and necessity of the additional budget. 
  • University courses or summer classes are encouraged to apply as a group but are asked to show at least 25% budget match from their institution. 
  • Design Firms and Non-Profits Organizations are welcome to apply but should show at least 50% budget match from their company. 
A public information session, specific to Charles Street Creative Projects will be organized and held at the offices of Bikemore, date and time TBD.

For any questions specific to this application please contact Ryan Patterson at rpatterson@promotionandarts.org 

Click here to download the Budget Template.

Have questions about applying to Artscape? Attend the Information Session:

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 from 6-7pm

Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224)

The Information Session is designed to give anyone interested in submitting a proposal or application for Artscape and/or Baltimore Book Festival an opportunity to ask questions about the process, hear more about requirements for submitting a proposal/application, learn more about the festivals, meet up with potential collaborators and hear about locations in the festival footprints that may offer inspiration for proposals/applications.

The information session is approximately one hour in length; patrons are responsible for own parking. Please RSVP to artscape@promotionandarts.org

For more information, email sfortkiewicz@promotionandarts.org or call Susan Fortkiewicz at 443-263-4347.

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