Ends on March 11, 2019

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts invites performing artists, performing arts collectives, and performance artists to propose performing arts pieces to be featured at Artscape, Baltimore Book Festival, and Light City. The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday March 11, 2019 at 11:59pm. Please read through the detailed criteria before submitting your proposal.  


This application does not include performances on festival concert stages. The application for emerging musicians/bands/DJs interested in performing at one of BOPA’s 2019 festivals – on a concert stage – are closed. If you are an emerging musician/band/DJ and are interested in applying to perform at one of our 2020 festivals, please visit http://www.promotionandarts.org/events-festivals/sound-live after May 1, 2019 to submit an application. 


Each year BOPA invites performing artists and performing artist collectives to help the festivals come alive by performing their pieces in a unique pop-up and/or strolling setting at Artscape, Baltimore Book Festival and Light City. Previously, performing artists would submit separate proposals to perform, this year one application is open to all festivals for the 2019 season.  

Performing artists and performing arts collectives including but not limited to genres in dance, theater, magic, music, fashion, storytelling, and poetry will be considered. Pieces should be fresh, creative, family friendly and suitable for outdoor weather. Light City performing artists must have an illuminated component in their proposal. Performing artists will perform in a pop-up (stationary) or strolling (mobile performance) capacity. 

Experimental musicians and comedians please see below for information on applying for Artscape.

Performing artists accepted into the festivals are funded by BOPA with honorariums ranging from $500-$5,000. When applying, be sure to submit a budget proposal using this budget template and be as specific as possible. BOPA will amend budgets as necessary once proposals are selected and performance times are confirmed, among other details. 

Performing artists do not have to apply to every festival but performing artists may submit multiple proposals when choosing to apply for more than one festival. 

A review committee will score and select the proposals that most fit the festival’s vision. 

Please note: applying does not guarantee acceptance. 

*See below if you are an experimental musician, comedian, or filmmaker interested in participating at Artscape.


  • Proposals should include: performance name, performance type/genre, approximate length of performance, days/times/occurences of performances, if there will be staging, sound or props, and any other necessary information relevant to the performance.
  • Proposals can be uploaded on the next page as a Word or PDF document.
  • A proposed budget MUST be included in application. You may use this budget template or your own.
  • Performing Artist proposals should actively engage the audience and provide a unique and memorable experience for festival-goers.
  • Performance pieces should be fresh, creative, and unique.
  • All performance pieces are required to be free, open to the public, fully accessible, and operational for the entire festival weekend (including inclement weather, unless a shelter-in-place is put into effect).
  • All performance pieces must fulfill required components and performance schedules. Performance schedules are subject to change by festivals programming coordinator and/or festival management only.
  • Young children, and patrons with mobility and/or accessibility needs, should be considered when drafting your proposal. Please also consider if any accommodations will need to be made to ensure that the proposal is fully accessible.
  • Proposals should include performance type, approximate length of performance, the number of occurrences of performance, any staging or props included in your performance. If applying for more than one festival you may include more than one performance piece.
  • There are no geographic restrictions for applying. However, travel and accomodation costs should be factored into budget. 

For general guidelines please click here.



· Provides funding to the artists; funding ranging from approximately $500 to $5,000 based on number of performers and amount of performances.

• Assigns a festival-appointed project coordinator to serve as your festival-liaison and on-site contact.

• Provides a safe and secure festival and atmosphere.

• Provides an indoor or outdoor performace space with sound, lighting, and production.

• Marketing and promotional opportunities.

Performing Artist/s:

• Fulfills performance schedules.

• Arrives prepared with necessary performance supplies.

• Complements BOPA's marketing efforts by promoting performances on their own social networks and/or websites. 

• Has existing insurance, with BOPA and City of Baltimore listed as insured. 

• Is responsible for own parking/transportation.

Additional Performing Arts Opportunities at Artscape:

- Experimental Musicians interested in applying to perform at Artscape, contact shelly@highzero.org

- Comedians and Improvisers interested in applying to perform in LOL@Artscape, contact LOL@bigimprov.org

- Filmmakers interested in applying to participate in Film at Artscape, contact events@mdfilmfest.com

Information Sessions will be held on January 24th, February 11th, and March 2nd. Click here for more details.

For information on the Film at Artscape Baltimore Youth Media Showcase, please contact events@mdfilmfest.com. Submission period for the showcase will take place in Spring 2019 - stay tuned for details!