Ends on March 11, 2019


Call for Entries

Large Scale Outdoor to Small Scale Indoor Installation Based Artworks

DEADLINE: Monday, March 11, 2019

Artscape, Baltimore’s highly anticipated summer arts festival, is seeking approximately thirteen large, medium and small scale indoor and outdoor installation-based artworks for this year’s festival. Artworks will be installed along Charles Street from Mt. Royal Avenue to Lanvale Street. Artists and artist collaborative groups working in both the visual and performing arts are encouraged to apply.  

Proposed projects should actively engage the audience and provide a unique and memorable experience for the festival goer.  Works should be visually compelling through design, color and scale, and be interactive wherever possible.  In keeping with the spirit of the festival, all works and performances must be free and open to the public the entire Artscape weekend.  The locations for these works fall within the footprint of Artscape After Hours which extends the festival from 9 to 11pm along Charles Street on both Friday and Saturday nights.  The projects within this footprint must be active during this time period as well as standard festival hours; therefore, lighting should be a consideration when making your proposal.  

Onsite installation schedules for proposed projects may vary depending upon location, and should be considered and constructed accordingly. Proposed projects should also be designed with considerations for safety, for the needs of an outdoor environment, and factoring in heavy use by large crowds attending Artscape. These projects are temporary in nature and BOPA will not be able to underwrite repairs, restoration, etc. after their use at Artscape. 

Draft budgets should be included with your application, but final budgets will be negotiated with accepted projects based on funds availability.  Budgets will range from $1500 to $10,000 and will be awarded based on the needs of the project and the project scale; however, Artscape may be able to supplement budgets by providing some logistical necessities (generators, tents, volunteer assistance, signage, seating, etc.). Additionally, Artists may be able to negotiate larger budgets for exceptionally ambitions projects if more funds become available.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Artscape curator and BOPA Staff.

Landing on Charles Street is a program of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. (BOPA). Artscape is produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. on behalf of the Baltimore Festival of the Arts, Inc.


1.  There are no geographic restrictions for application. However, travel and accommodation costs should be factored into budget.

2.  Honoraria in the range of approximately $1500 to $10,000 may be provided to each selected artist or collaborative group. Final funding amounts could be higher or lower based on review of proposals and discussion with the artists about construction, logistics and staffing. However, once a final budget is approved by BOPA, no additional funds will be allocated to artists for “overruns” including but not limited to supplies, staffing, logisitics and fabrication.

3. Projects are expected to be active during all of the operating hours of the festival, Friday,

July 19, 11am-11pm; Saturday, July 20, 11am-11pm; Sunday, July 21, 11am-7pm.

4.  Artist installations must be installed by artists who will also be responsible for monitoring of their work and space. Onsite installation and de-installation must occur beginning at approximately 11am on Thursday, July 18, and be completed by the opening of the festival at 11am, on Friday, July 19, 2019.  Artists must check-out with Artscape staff immediately after de-installation is complete to ensure that the works have been properly dismantled and removed from the site.

5.  Artists onsite during the weekend will be credentialed to receive light hospitality (bottled water, snacks, etc.) and each installation will receive up to three passes to park in The Fitzgerald garage throughout the weekend.

6. BOPA reserves the right to reproduce images of selected artwork for printed or internet

publicity, catalogue, map or marketing purposes.

7. By submitting an application, you agree to and accept application requirements and guidelines.

Estimated Timeline

Application deadline: Monday, March 11, 2019

Artist Notification: Monday, April 1, 2019

Artwork Installation: 11am on Thursday, July 18 – 11am on Friday, July 19 (vehicles must be offsite by 10am 7/19)

Artwork De-installation: 7pm – 11pm, Sunday, July 21

Artscape: July 19 -21, 2019

For more information contact Kim Domanski at 443-286-2043 or kdomanski@promotionandarts.com.