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ARTSCAPE 2018: How-to...

Call for Entry
DEADLINE: Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Everyone has at least one area of expertise – it may be origami, caulking a tub, decorating a cake, silk-screening, taking care of a turtle, wiring a radio or any of the other thousands of things we do well, or think we do well.  To be hosted in the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Pinkard Gallery, How-to... is an indoor exhibition that will include artworks in any medium (drawings, paintings, sculpture, film, installation, collage, etc.) that describe how to do or make anything.  

In addition to these informative works in the exhibition, Artscape may provide a modest stipend to some artists to produce an example of the product of the instructions to also be displayed in the gallery.  If applicable, Artscape may also commission some artists to provide in-person demonstrations during Artscape weekend.  How-to... seeks to be as much of an interactive exhibition as possible, Artists are encouraged to think about how visitors can take-away ideas, instructions or other items from the exhibition to “make at home”.

Applications will be accepted that include already existing work and proposals for new work.  Because of the unique nature of this exhibition, it is expected that many artists will be proposing new works.  Proposals should include a simple drawing or digital rendering of what is being proposed, along with a brief written description of the proposal.

How-to... is a program of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. (BOPA).  Artscape is produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc. on behalf of the Baltimore Festival of the Arts, Inc.

How-to... will be curated by BOPA Staff member Kim Domanski.  A 1996 MFA graduate of MICA’s multidisciplinary Mount Royal School of Art, Kim has curated several exhibitions and has worked in Public Art and on the Sondheim Prize at BOPA for more than a decade.

Application Materials to Prepare

  • Applicants should include up to 5 images (.jpeg) or videos (.mov or .mp4) or sound based works (.mp3) of completed artworks being considered for the exhibition; or, if applying for consideration of new works, these five images/videos/sound-based works should be examples of previous works.  Images should not exceed approximately 3MB and videos or sound based works should not exceed approximately 200MB.
  • If applying for consideration of new artworks, a short proposal that includes a rendering and brief description.
  • Artwork List that includes title, date, medium, dimensions and a description if applicable – please also note on this list whether the artwork samples are available for the exhibition.
  • Artist Resume, CV and/or Artist Statement (.doc or .pdf format)


  • There are no geographic restrictions for application.
  •  Artists 18 years and older are eligible to apply.
  • Artwork should be dropped off during the “artwork drop-off” period listed on the exhibition timeline and picked up during the listed “artwork pick-up” period.  Artists who cannot meet these timeframes should make every effort to make other arrangements with a friend, colleague or family member.  BOPA does not have the ability to transport artwork.
  •  Artwork will be insured while it is in BOPA’s possession during installation, exhibition, and deinstallation periods.  Artwork dropped off before the “artwork drop-off” time period or picked up after the “artwork pick-up” time period, is done so at the artist’s risk.  Artwork will not be insured beyond listed installation, exhibition, and deinstallation periods. 
  • BOPA reserves the right to reproduce images of selected artwork for printed or internet publicity, catalogue, map or marketing purposes.
  • By submitting an application, you agree to and accept application requirements and guidelines.

Estimated Timeline

Application deadline: Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Artist Notification: Monday, April 30, 2018
Artwork drop-off: Monday, July 9 from 9am-5pm or Tuesday, July 10, 2018 from 9am-Noon
Exhibition duration: Friday, July 20, 2018 through Sunday, August 5, 2018
Exhibition opening reception: Thursday, July 19, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm
Exhibition artwork pick-up: 5-7pm Sunday, August 5 or 9am-Noon Monday, August 6, 2018
Artscape: Friday, July 20 & Saturday July 21 from 11am - 9pm; Sunday, July 22 from 11am – 7pm

For more information on How-to..., please contact Kim Domanski at 443-263-4340 or kdomanski@promotionandarts.com.

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